All about greenhouses.


Do you need sturdy, professional greenhouse roofing? We would be pleased to fit a high quality roofing that will last a long time. We only use strong professional greenhouse materials so that we can guarantee the quality of any roofing. Our roofing almost lasts a lifetime. We supply roofing to both private and business clients. You can either fit it yourself or save yourself the hassle and have us fit it for you. Roofing is multi-purpose. Apart from on greenhouses it can be used for stables, back gardens, warehouses or shop storage areas.


Private individuals 

Are you looking for a way to create a covered outdoor space in your garden? Then build a protected space attached to your house for your car, bicycle or other use. Apart from supplying hobby greenhouses, we also supply roofing.

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Our structures are highly suitable for covered footpaths such as from a car park to a building, or to connect several buildings. The width is determined by the roof size, but the length and height can be adjusted to your specifications.

We have a wide selection of roofing, exterior cladding and other units. We have roofing for every purpose – covered footpaths, undercover parking places, bicycle sheds, smoking areas and so on.

 For more information about roofing, please contact:

Axl van der Kruk
+31 (0)174-280194


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