Our long experience in building, demolishing and renovating greenhouses means that we know exactly how to carry out your renovation project.


Greenhouse renovation 

Renovating greenhouses and office space is a skilled profession as every renovation is different and customized. This goes for small jobs like replacing a screen or refitting a greenhouse roof, and major jobs such as completely renovating a shed. There are several reasons to renovate a greenhouse. Sometimes it’s to save energy, but usually it is to create the best indoor climate for growing. We know exactly what materials to use and how to integrate them into the existing greenhouse and greenhouse units.



  • Dümmen Orange, Rheinberg, Germany
  • Gärtnerei Bronstert, Eureran, Germany
  • Gärtnerei Pendl, Sulz am Neckar, Germany
  • Gärtnerei Rannacher, Gütserslom, Germany
  • IJzelenberg Potplanten, Maasdijk, the Netherlands
  • Bianca Lelies, Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands
  • De Hoed & Zn., Strijen, the Netherlands
  • Kwintplant, Honselersdijk, the Netherlands
  • Villa Gerbera, Honselersdijk, the Netherlands
  • De Jong Plant, Stomwijk, the Netherlands.


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