Greenhouse systems

Are you searching for new or used greenhouse systems? Than Hogervorst Tabben is the place to be! We are based in the Netherlands and have a very long history in greenhouse systems and installations. Which system do you prefer?

Greenhouse systems of the highest possible quality

We offer used greenhouse systems that are sometimes even reliable as new systems but at a very competitive price. Next to this wide range of products we also offer new innovative and customized greenhouse systems. The increase in upscaling in the horticultural sector leads to greenhouse systems being replaced on a premature base.

Our systems are checked, cleaned and modified

We make sure that these systems are checked, cleaned and if necessary modified and we offer these systems back on the marked at a competitive price. Our product category includes heaters and covering among others.


If you would like to receive our overview with the new and used greenhouse systems we offer at this moment, please contact us for further information. We can be reached by the following phone number + 31 (0)174 28 01 94, by email or by filling in the contact form you find underneath this page.