Greenhouse materials

Hogervorst Tabben provides a wide range of used and new greenhouse materials that can be used in the horticultural sector. We are a company that has been established 30 years ago and is based in the Netherlands. Curious about our current stock? We are happy to give you more information by phone.

Greenhouse materials of used and new greenhouse components

We offer on a continuous basis greenhouse materials of used and new greenhouse components and system installations. Our products are suitable for the horticultural sector. At this moment we offer greenhouse materials, such as measuring units, plastic containers and iron wire.

Find a total overview of our products online

For a total overview you can take a look on our webpage. We are very competitive with our product prices, due to our efficiently business approach.


If you would like to receive additional information about our greenhouse materials that are either listed or unlisted on our website, please feel free to contact us. You could contact us by either filling in a form via this website page, sending an email to or calling via us on our phone number + 31 (0)174 28 01 94.