Greenhouse construction

We help and supply products for your greenhouse construction. We take great care when Hogervorst Tabben provides new and used greenhouses for the horticultural sector. We are based in the Netherlands and happy to provide a solution that fit your needs.

Great experience in greenhouse construction

Our company has been active for more than 30 years and we have gained great experience in greenhouse construction. We are able to offer both new and used greenhouses and components for greenhouse construction that meets your requirements. Interested? Feel free to contact us!

A combination of new materials and used materials

We can combine new materials and used materials so that we can offer a very attractive service. We mainly offer Venlo-greenhouses that have the latest innovation and can be delivered in different sizes. You can visit our website for an overview of our current product range for used and new greenhouses.


Would you like to receive additional information regarding our greenhouse construction service and types of greenhouses that we offer? You could contact us via the contact form, or email to, or call us via  + 31 (0)174 28 01 94.